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3-Day Live How To Write And Self-Publish Your Book Workshop REPLAY

Do you want to write your first book,  but don’t know where to start? Then this 3 day live and



Join our exciting 30-day Singles Bootcamp from November 19th to December 18th, 2023! This program is designed to help you prepare spiritually and financially with a blend of fun and intensity.

During the bootcamp, we will cover a range of topics including:

- Shaping the right mindset - Improving your credit score - Discovering your unique gifts and talents - Strategies for making $1,000 in a week - Engaging in physical training - Experiencing healing and deliverance - AND MORE

All of this can be yours for just $30, which means only $1 per day!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to invest in your future.


How To Make Money In Real Estate With Little To NO Money Or Credit REPLAY

Ever wanted to get into Real Estate, but just didn't know how, nor had the money to start, then this webinar will be for you. In this webinar Ms. Brumfield will be teaching How To Make Money In Real Estate With Little To NO Money Nor Credit, PLUS BONUSES. You will learn How To Find/Locate The Property and The Owners, Make Unlimited Income (How To Set The Price You Want To Make), How To Fill Out Contracts When You Locate A Deal, Where To Purchase Tax Liens, ETC. You Will also be receiving documents (scripts, contracts, intake forms, etc.)  and other resources needed to be successful in this business. This is information you will always have, No matter if you get fired from your job, you will always be able to pick up and use this way of making extra income.   Imagine a $27 investment for a 1000% plus Return on investment. It's a Win Win.   Don't miss out join us for ONLY $27.   ***THIS IS A REPLAY***  The Download Will Automatically Be Available After Purchase.

Mega Bundle



In this End Of The Year Package you will receive: 

1. How To Write And Self-Publish Your Book Within 30 Days

  • Step by Step Guide to writing and self publishing your first book within ONLY 30 Days.
  • Learn The Writing Strategy.
  • Learn How To Make Money Before your book is completed.
  • Learn How to add your book to KDP.
  • Extra Resources.
  • Etc.

2. How To Make Money In Real Estate With Little To NO Money OR NO Credit

  • Real Estate strategy to make money in real estate within 30 Days.
  • Contracts included
  • Scripts included
  • How to find the deals.
  • Tools and resources.
  • Etc.

3. Fired Before Work E-Book

4. 500+ Private Label Right Products With Resell Rights (Make money on products such as e-books and videos, that are already done for you.)

What you'll get in this package: 500+ HQ eBooks products Self Help Topics Lifetime access to new 2022 hot ebooks products Professional sales page ready made for each product Professional lead/squeeze pages to build your list Professional Graphics design included PDF eBooks Version included on each product Promotional Email Swipes Articles included on some product Social Media Images Pack included on some product And much more...  

5. Make extra income with this List of 40 Side Hustles.



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Time Management Webinar

Master Your Time – Join Our Webinar at 7:00 PM EST for Just $9.30! Time is money, and mastering time management is the key to unlocking your full potential. That's why our Time Management Webinar at 7:00 PM EST is a game-changer, and here are five undeniable reasons why you can't afford to miss it:
    1. Maximize Productivity:
      • Learn practical strategies to boost productivity and accomplish more in less time.
    2. Reduce Stress:
      • Discover effective techniques to manage tasks and deadlines, slashing stress levels.
    3. Achieve Work-Life Balance:
      • Get insights on balancing work and personal life for long-term satisfaction.
    4. Conquer Goals:
      • Gain actionable insights on goal setting and execution to consistently meet targets.
    5. Open Doors to Success:
      • Understand how mastering time management unlocks opportunities and fuels career growth.