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500+ Books And Videos With Resell Rights Plus The Money List

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AMAZING OFFER. 500+ Self Care, Internet Marketing, Fitness Videos, Books And Courses PLUS The Money List WITH Resell rights. These are NOT just books, they are already made courses as well. If you don't have a business idea or if you're looking to create passive and extra income this is definitely a great start for you. The books, videos and courses are ALREADY DONE FOR YOU! All you have to do is start promoting and collecting payment.  

Birthday Bundle Deal

  1. 1,000+ PLR (Private Label Right) Products. - You have the right to use these products and resell them for however much you want. - These products include: Health & Fitness eBooks, Self-Help eBooks and Videos, Internet/Social Media Marketing eBooks and Courses, Digital Marketing Videos, Mindset eBooks, AND MANY MORE TOPICS. - These PLR Products already have everything for you such as: Landing pages, thank you pages, photos of the product, some even have courses, slideshows, etc. - You are able to rebrand them. - Make money today using the PLR Products.
  2. How To Write And Self-Publish Your Book Within 30 Days. - In this step-by-step course, you'll learn how to write and self-publish your book in just 30 days OR LESS. One cool thing about writing and publishing a book is that it'll outlast you, bringing in passive income forever. - Go from no idea to idea - Learn book writing strategy. -Learn how to only use less than $50 to start. - Learn Marketing Strategies. - You'll receive tools and resources to help you publish your book successfully.
  3. List of 40 Side Hustles. - If you are not making enough money at the moment, check out these lists and find a side hustle that can help you generate extra income quickly. - Add extra streams to your income. 
  4. How To Make Money In Real Estate With Little To No Money OR Credit. - Ever wanted to get into real estate, but just didn’t know where to start? Did you know that you can make money in real estate with little to NO money or NO Credit. With this strategy you can make money in Real Estate within 30 Days. - You'll receive all of the document, scripts, contracts, intake forms, etc. - Learning how to make money in real estate is a skill you will never lose. - Learn where to purchase tax liens. - Learn how to find properties to make UNLIMITED INCOME.
  5. Time Management Webinar. - Maximize your productivity. - If you are a procrastinator and think you don't have enough time or have been wasting time, then this webinar is for you. - In this webinar you will learn how to organize your time, calculate your time and see how much you have left, schedule your time and more.
  6. Fired Before Work eBook. - Being fired and/or laid off can happen to ANYONE, we just have to be prepared if it was to happen to us. In Fired Before Work Jerrica teaches how to be prepared and not dependent on just one source of income, but to have multiple streams. Although you have to give a job a 2 weeks' notice, they can fire you or lay you off at any time which is NOT FAIR TO YOU. - Learn your gifts and talents. - Learn Budgeting - Learn ways to make extra income. - Etc.

List Of 40 Side Hustles

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Want to make extra income, but don’t know exactly what to do? Here is a list of 40 Side Hustle