Welcome To My World, Where YOU DO MATTER !!! 

I AM Jerrica Brumfield, YOUR  Life Motivational Guide and More. This page was created with you in mind and I’m so glad you have arrived!!

I believe that part of my life’s purpose is to inspire, motivate, encourage, and to push YOU past the “imaginary stop light” that’s keeping you from driving forward in the direction of your dreams, goals, and aspirations. I was created specifically to be the person consistently urging you to NOT TO GIVE UP!! I am here to affirm and reaffirm that YOU MATTER and can do ANYTHING!!

You must not use your past as an excuse, but put it to use as a stepping stone on the path to your SUCCESS!! I am here to partner with you in order to develop an organized life plan that guides you from point A to point Z!

But perhaps encouragement and motivation isn’t what you need from me however you desire assistance with planning and organizing areas of your life that include: scheduling, budgeting, vacationing, daily tasks, etc. we’ll look no further because I’m your go to girl for all things planning!!

I am also very intentional about not only assisting you in the way of motivation, organization, and the like, I am 100% committed in speaking and going back to help others to excel past average and shoot for GREAT in every area of their lives!!

Sooooo now that you know I am here, please don’t hesitate to contact me. To make it easy you can just Click Here.

Talk to you soon.

Jerrica, you have encouraged me, push me toward my purpose, inspired me to step out in faith, because of witnessing your trust and drive, and desire and passion for God. Because, you step out on what God has told you to do, you challenged me to try God and take him at his word, so I thank you for every prayer, every intention you made on behalf of others, myself included God is well please and I pray you receive every single thing God has for you.

-Annette S.



Thank you sooo much Jerrica. You motivated me and now I really want to start my own businesses that I’ve been thinking about and you helped me to start getting my credit right when we first talked my score was 559 and now my score is at 710 it went up sooooo much.

I have this business mindset now, and im ready to start my own business and go after my dreams.

-Maya N. 11/7/2017