About Me



I am Jerrica Brumfield (Oh yea, I love the color red) and I am 28 years old. I grew up in a small town called Picayune, MS. I have 3 siblings and am the middle child. I have NO children of my own, but my three nephews and two nieces (whom I loooovve). They are the reason I am growing as an entrepreneur. I don’t want them to have to grow up in the same situations like my siblings and I.

Growing up, we were brought up in poverty (lack, not having enough). I used to always want things like a lunch box, but had to use a brown paper bag or wanted markers  but had to use crayons, I also wanted led mechanical pencils, but had to use the #2 pencils (I ALWAYS wanted led pencils too, lol). Instead of using a suitcase, I had to use plastic bags (and y’all may know exactly what I’m talking about, like the ones from Walmart). We didn’t always have the money to do or buy different things.

I grew up in a home with both of parents, but didn’t receive the motivation, encouragement or the time to focus on being confident in myself that I truly needed. So, I just lived life day by day, and didn’t discover my purpose, gifts or talents back. No one paid attention to them so I just learned how to live with no purpose. It really played a big part with me, not even trying to achieve goals or focus on my personal growth.

I bought all sorts of material items, but wasn’t taught to invest in my future. OH BUT NOW, Can aannyy-boodddyy say BUT NOW! 👐🏾 🤣🤣👐🏾 Now that I have realized that there is more to life than just existing from day to day, I am on a mission. I have prayed, INVESTED in mentors, coaches, training and the like to figure out my purpose. I am determined to grow in new areas of my life and get the help and motivation that I need. And guess what y’all, IT IS PAYING OFF!

Now, That is where you come in. I’m here to help people discover their true identity, encourage, motivate and push individuals beyond their imaginary stop light if they are ready. What’s an imaginary stop light you may ask? Great question! That is the perceived boundary that has caused some to become stagnant, waiting for the “perfect” circumstances before they get into action. I want to push them past GO into their next level of greatness (and maybe I’m talking to you). And if you feel like you can relate, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would LOVE to keep in touch with you. Click Here

One more thing, this imaginary stop light theory also applies to those who have stopped being productive. Not because someone told you but also maybe out of fear, lack of true identity, laziness, or ever lurking self defeat. The internal whispers that tells you that you are not good enough to do anything because people have not taken the time out to see who you really are become destructive and leave no place for thoughts of success.

 I am here to show you The Way out.